Our Story and Philosophy

Alliance Tennis Academy is a program dedicated to teaching proper technique to students of all levels and ages. Founded in 2008 by Gonzalo Anderson, a former Division 1 tennis player at Texas A & M and Pedro Gedda, a former professional tennis player from Brazil, Alliance Tennis Academy differs from other local programs through the approach it takes in teaching each student. “We are very keen in developing sound fundamentals in our students,” says Anderson, “teaching the base is very important to us.”

In 2013, when Gedda moved towards a corporate career, Anderson kept the vision they started with, which was to pass down the extensive coaching they received growing up, as well as the experience they obtained from over a decade of coaching. Additionally, Anderson achieves this by hiring staff who are a good fit for the program and who have a similar tennis background and philosophy of teaching. “What makes Alliance so effective is the whole team of coaches; everyone is aligned with the same vision of how we want our players to develop."