IMPORTANT INFO: August 2021 (transition from Summer Camp to Fall Season)

July 27, 2021

Please read carefully! We will keep the Summer Camp schedule throughout August with a few changes...

-There will not be afternoon practice for Advanced/Competitive group from August 2nd through the 6th as SLHS will hold tryouts in the afternoons. However, we will have the Beginner/Intermediate group from 7-8pm when tryouts are over. Moreover, we will have morning practice as the courts will be available.

-From August 9th through the 13th we will have both morning and afternoon sessions. Friday, the 13th will be our last morning session for Summer 2021.

-From August 16th through the 31st we will only have afternoon practice, same hours as the Summer Camp.

-Starting September we will go back to our School year schedule and groups. More information on that coming soon!

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